Our New Pup Mac!!

After a few weeks of looking we have now selected our new baby boy – Mac!! He’s a Border Collie Kelpie x, Chocolate Brown and White. He’s a pretty layed back little fella, and by the looks he takes after his old man Brown, who was happy to just relax and lay back. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of energy though!!

We found the pups through friends Tina and Spinna, who have decided on one of Mac’s sister’s, so there’ll be plenty of play time for the siblings down at the cricket on Saturday arvos!!

The pups were bred by Richard and Amanda out on their family farm near Wandering. Born to working dogs with very friendly personalities, I’m sure the pups will be awesome.

Tegan and myself decided on a name pretty quickly, Mac. I was keen on Mack, but I was never going to win this argument!! He will have the best of both worlds in a dual custody family, city dog by week, farm dog by weekend!! I sense that his mother will spoil him!!

Enough dribble, here’s the little fella.



Mac and his sister who’ll be in Bunbury too.


The good ol’ puppy dog eyes!!




~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “Our New Pup Mac!!”

  1. What a great little pup! Brilliant images too Jamie, Jamie’s Pet Photography?

    Have fun with the little fella!

    • Hey Dave, cheers for that. I’m sure the little fella will keep us on our toes, and sure there’ll be plenty of photos as well. I’l do the pets, you can do the brides!!

  2. Very cute mate!

    if you know of anyone looking for an Akita, i have a good natured bitch i am prepared to give away.

    We are in a small unit now and not conducive to having 2 big dogs.

  3. What a little ripper…….. got friend for life written all over it.

  4. Great choice, Got some serious character in those eye’s and a touch of mischief as well I’d say.

  5. Oh Very cute Jamie!!

    PS your Harding Dam storm is fabulous.

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