Mac – 1 week on!!

So we’ve had the young bloke for a week. All I can say is……unreal!!

I picked him up last Sunday, and he pretty much slept for 2 hours on the way home from Wandering. Was a gem. He settled in extremely well, with minimal crying and no fretting. Why would he fret when he’s getting looked after the way he is!! His home is the laundry for now. He waits for me to wake at 4.30 in the morning so I can take him out for his morning pee. It is quite funny, when you can teach a dog to go and “have a piss” pretty much on demand. He hasn’t made a mess in the house……yet!!

Like any pup though, he has some energy to burn………and as I write this he is full of mischief after and hours nap!!

His first visit to the vet was good, got his first vac and worming tablet and then gassed out the room with one of those potent dog protein filled farts…….you had t be there……but sure you’ve all experienced them!!

This weekend he’s had his first trip to the farm. His nose has been to the ground most of the time. He doesn’t venture too far from your side, which is good for now.

Anyway, got a few pics this morning while he was resting……’s a dog’s life alright!!






~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mac – 1 week on!!”

  1. Jamie I am so jealous!
    What an adorable puppy 🙂

  2. my Fuji is a BC, a red and white. We love him to bits, much better behaved than the kids!
    Cute pup mate, you sound like a proud dad.

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