For F#%& Sake!!!

As you are probably all aware, I was part of the “media” contingent that followed Michael Baldock and Andrew Cohen on their quest to run the Cape to Cape track in one day. 130 gruelling kilometres through scrub tracks, rocky ledges and reefs, soft sandy beaches and a little bit of tarmac at either end (not much of that!!).

It was a fun night with some funny stories, but only 3 hours sleep before a massive day made things tough (and we’re whinging!!). The crew included C.F and his brother Michael, Mark Stothard, Merv French, Pete Hodgson (Nikon Man!!!), Jamie Patterson, James Harrison and yours truly.

The start at 4 sprung on us, so in our disorganised state, Merv and Pete decided to help out, with Merv being the test model and Pete holding the Quadra Ranger. We were all ready when we got the call that the runners were on their way. We were on the road about 150 metres from the lighthouse, dead in front and ready to shoot. “Here they come” says Merv………but then……..about 30 metres before they get to us they take a sneaky left turn………..”FOR F@#% SAKE”  resonated through the lighthouse grounds, as I didn’t realise just how loud I said it……..but we had a good laugh afterwards. This was just one of the many amusing stories to happen throughout the day.

A big congratulations to Michael and Andrew on their massive achievement.

Anyway, there will be more photos to come, but for now you have to put up with our model Merv, who was too shy to look at the camera!!





~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “For F#%& Sake!!!”

  1. A lot of effort went into that and I’m sure it would have been a cracking good shot Jamie.

    But instead it turned into a bloody good laugh. We’re still talking about it.

  2. A funny start to the day for sure boys!

  3. great laugh was had for sure. No pressure though as I’m sure Markie nailed it. I failed the mission too!

  4. Yep I got it mate!

  5. I think every time I see Jamie those three words will leap forward from my memory hard drive and make me laugh again. Can’t wait to get a glimpse of your smiths beach pic again mate. I’m as jealous as hell you know.

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