The Boys From The Bush.

What do you get when you take two wheatbelt fellas and take them down the beach? Bogged!!!!

Unbelievable really, but it did happen! I was following Merv and Hodgy into North Boranup. Now I know from experience just how soft this sand can be, so when they took the last dune to head onto the beach, I reversed and parked up, somewhat expecting Merv to do the same, but nup, he didn’t!! What was revealed when I walked onto the beach didn’t surprise me one bit…………both Merv and Pete standing there looking at the bogged Colorado, somewhat dumbfounded as to why it was stuck!! 40 psi in the tyres will do that!!

Anyway, a tyre guage and Jamie Pattersons MaxTraxx  were retrieved from my vehicle, and the task for the boys to get the vehicle out was underway. Merv took what I thought was a dangerous approach, getting the vehicle onto some exposed reef to turn it around, and then the run up to get off the beach. Half a dozen goes later and he was off the beach, thanks to the MaxTraxx.

If that wasn’t enough, Merv and Pete got lost coming out of the Guillotines track……well done for the laughs boys!!


The last descent that sucked the bush boys into the bog!!





Ok, you can all stop laughing now!


Pete “For F@#% Sake Merv!!!”

Merv “That’s Jamie’s line!”



Merv, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to swear at you!!


Everyone else seems to be busy whilst Merv is trying to dig out their vehicle!!


I was expecting a ripped tyre on the reef.



Joe to the rescue.





~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Boys From The Bush.”

  1. Ahhh it was all good … almost, we’ve been in worse places than that and survived.

    I must admit I was a bit concerned about rolling a deflated tyre off the rim myself, but there wasn’t much of an alternative..

    The tracks where a big help thats for sure.

    And you know what I said when it went down … For F&*%ks Sake !!!!!

    Oh and we didn’t get lost, we were just having a look around. 🙂

  2. Yeah thank’s for that mate….. Next time I see that long lens of yours come out I going to hide.

  3. Merry Christmas Jamie!

  4. classic Jamie, great series of photos that had me giggling.
    Merry xmas mate.

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