Last post for 2010.

Well it’s come to that time of the year, it’s nearly over. Where has it gone? We all must’ve been having too much fun for it to fly by.

I’m typing this aboard the True North, where we have dropped anchor in position to view the New Years fireworks in Sydney Harbour. I can assure you, this boat as most of you are aware, is unreal. The crew are awesome, the food magnificent, and the luxury and comfort is second to none. Apart from Tegan and Myself being like to poor cousins of the wealthy aboard the boat, it’s great. The other passengers have been extremely friendly, and I think we’ll see another side to them all when the pops cork during celebrations on top of the helideck tonight.

Today we visited Taronga Zoo, which was great, as I got to visit some rellies in the Gorilla compound…… đŸ˜‰

As far as photos go there haven’t been too many yet, just trying to enjoy the time we have here.

So I wish everyone  an awesome New Years, hope you all stay safe and hope to meet a lot more of you in the 2011. Also thank you to everyone who has dropped by the blog from time to time. All the best.

Here’s some photos so far.


Don’t need to tell you the name of this bridge.



The onboard chopper which will be taking us out to the Blue Mountains on New Years day for lunch!



The giraffes have one of the best views in Sydney.



One of the seals which was part of an amusing and amazing show.



A Meercat that was quite social compared to the rest of his sleeping family.



Lasty, one of my rellies…….keeping an eye on his young bloke!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 31, 2010.

12 Responses to “Last post for 2010.”

  1. Ahoy Jamie! Hey you and Tegan have a great night on the TN, well earn’t mate.

    I think this has been the fasted year I can ever recall. Scares me a bit! I can recall last years NYE like it was just a moment ago. Does that mean I am getting old or my memory is getting better???

    Take it easy!


    • Cheers David. Maybe we are just getting older too quickly……..but then again, maybe it’s just the memory.
      me and tegan have to be better than last years new years, we were in bed before midnight!!
      Have a great one Dave……..don’t drink too much!!

  2. Have fun mate, u deserve it!

  3. Enjoy Jamie!

    Happy new year mate!

  4. Sounds like your enjoying your TN experience, live it up while you can mate. Your right that bottom image does strike a pretty close resemblance, ha ha.
    Have a good one and catch you in the new year some time.

  5. Hi Jamie,
    Happy New Year mate!

  6. Hi Jamie. Happy New Year to you & Tegan. Glad to hear you are enoying your break.

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