Hi All.

Hello people, I’m still alive, just been extremely busy since new years. Have moved back to the farm full time (except on weekends!) and have been flat out with this years avocado crop. I had some respite for a week when I played Country Week Cricket for the Bunbury “A” side. Unfortunately we lost our last game and missed out on the final. Personally I had a great week, although missed out on some opportunities to capitalise on some great starts to put the team in a great position for the finals. I made 272 runs @ 68, just disappointed we didn’t make the final. I was also selected in the Country Week all stars team for the first time.

Photographically it has been quiet, sort of at the crossroads. I’m a little unsure on which direction to take with it, whether to keep it at hobby level or try and push a little more to make some income on the side from the farm. To say I’m lacking in inspiration and vision at the moment is an understatement. Maybe it’s because I have immersed myself in my passion for cricket, which I lost after a number of years playing first grade in Perth and then moving back to the country. Whichever way I’m sure I will get my mojo back, just need something to click, but not sure when it will. I have been presented with some amazing light over the last couple of weeks down the farm, just I haven’t felt the urge to get out and shoot. Does anyone else go through these phases? Any tips on how to snap out of it? There are times when I lack confidence in my ability, I don’t know why, but I know Tegan will slap me for writing that!!

I trust a lot of you went out on the True North for Oz day and am sure you would have had a great day. Looking forward to seeing some images. I would have liked to have gone, but because I decided to chill with Tegan, our pup Mac and the family. It’s another day in the avocados tomorrow.

If anyone is thinking of heading down south, don’t be shy to drop me a line. If time permits I would love to head out somewhere to shoot.

Anyway here’s to a great 2011, I’ll be back, just having a breather!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 26, 2011.

16 Responses to “Hi All.”

  1. G’Day Jamie.

    I’m on the same page as you with photography at the moment , need a little dose of enthusiasm, i’ve been thru it before. I think we all get like that at times and put the camera down for a little while and start wondering why am i really doing this , what am I getting out of it ??
    The urge will come back eventually. I think you have to wait for it , forcing yourself to shoot isn’t the way to go.

    Spend a few thousand on new gear , that will get you going. 🙂 🙂

    We were down your way a couple days after new year. Had a run down to Albany, Denmark, Walpole, stayed a night at Fontys Pool and over to Busselton for a couple of nights. Must get down to your way one weekend and have a look around, it’s nice country. Hope the Avo harvest is going well.

    I didn’t do the TN trip this year either.


  2. Oh yeah … Congratulations on being picked in the allstars, you could almost put your hand up for the Aussie test team. 🙂

    • Cheers Merv……think I might be a bit past it !!!! I didn’t do the True North this year simply because I couldn’t justify the cost for a social trip, also thought I’d give someone else the opportunity to experience it.
      If you’re ever down here again let me know, I’ll hook you up!!

      • Yeah i’ll get down there again no worries about that.

        We enjoyed the night at Fonty’s Pool , hadn’t been there since I was a little tacker, It’s changed a bit.

        I just did the course at Bunker Bay on the weekend so TN wasn’t an option, i think once is enough for me.

  3. Hey mate hope the farm is going well and again good stuff on getting picked for the all stars team you must be chuffed about that I know your passion for cricket has always been huge so good on ya hey.
    The trip on the True North was sensational learnt heaps and got some amazing inspiration thats for sure.
    You know your capabilities with the camera are awesome mate so you shouldn’t be doubting yourself maybe when I go down that way soon I will drop you a line and we can go shoot some images down Yugerup if you like.
    All the best for the new year to mate.

  4. I am hearing you Jamie. Yesterday I rode out to Peacful Bay in the search for a few images for the markets. Got home and even after what I thought were well timed shots the stitching on the waves is so far out I just dumped the lot.

    I though what a bloody waste of time that was! And with every one shooting the same stuff all the time it all gets a bit ho hum.

    CF was on the right track with his skip bin shots I think trying to get people to do something different.

    Cheers mate

    • That’s the other thing too David, you bust your balls, and then you have every man and his dog shooting and giving stuff away for free, cutting you out. Just gotta be good at what you do I guess.

  5. Hi Jamie. Well done on the selection to the All Stars Team. I sometimes look @ my own photography & question what am i doing & where is it all going. I love the greative side of it & that opportunity to grab a moment in time & record it for all time. I havent done any photography in 4 months since i broke my leg & i cannot wait to get back into it.
    Keep well

    • Hey Gordon, cheers for that. How is the leg going? I’m sure you can’t wait to get out, would drive me nuts!! I’ll be right, just need to get out and go shoot!! Will be good once the mx starts!

  6. Hi Jamie. I do quite a lot of walking on the leg now, but it can still be a problem when you push it to hard. Its the ligament’s & muscles just above the ankle that are the biggest issue. I do a lot of strength & stretching excersise which is paying off. You must be sad to be parting with the 200-400. I was looking @ getting one, but have decided i will save up for a 400mm 2.8f. I plan on spending a lot more time doing Rugby Union photography next year & i think the 400 would be great for that. Are you going back to WAMX state rnds this year or are you concentrating on enduro photography ?
    Keep well

    • Hey Gordon, good to hear the leg is coming along well. As for me doing the WAMX, I’ll see what happens. A lot of the riders seem to be all talk, saying they want photos but end up not coming through with the goods. Maybe we should all boycott the first round and then listen to them whinge when there’s no photogs there!!!

  7. Hi Jamie. I’m out of the “Kal” trip already, as i just cannot afford the overnight accomodation etc. Youre right on the money though re: interest but not following through on purchasing. Ive always put it down to in my case, that my photo’s are not up to the quality yet. There’s not many of us doing the mx already & its a real shame as it’s a brilliant sport to photograph but man its dangerous for us on the track 🙂 Watch out for the cyclone coming your way apparently.

  8. well on the selection in the Allstars team. A little bit disappointing that you missed out on the final. maybe next year

  9. I have got to that stage with my photography. It is hard to get any inspiration. We will see what the next few months bring

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