Fisherman – Inner Harbour

Just been going through some old files, I guess going through some of my work to see if anything is worthy! Honestly have had the shits on the last few weeks (just ask the missus!!) as I’ve had a crook back, haven’t been able to play cricket, and also wondering about photography and where I want it to go, if anywhere at all. I’ve been flat about it for a while, don’t know why, just am, maybe I just want to keep it as a hobby, for myself, and just shoot what I enjoy shooting.

Anyway………..came across this pic, was a nice evening, and saw this guy trying to catch a fish or three. Don’t know if I like it that much, but who cares, here it is!! My jetty is in the background somewhere too………..hope I don;t get in the shit for taking a photo of it!!







~ by Jamie Nicolaou on March 6, 2011.

11 Responses to “Fisherman – Inner Harbour”

  1. Know how you feel mate, got the same dilemma myself I think.
    Nothing wrong with this pic though and keeping it as a hobby and only shooting what and when you really want to is the trick I think, You have only got yourself to keep happy really and what ever you do don’t sell your gear as one day you’ll kick yourself.

    Hope the back comes good soon.

    cheers Pete.

    • I’m thinking exactly that Pete. I won’t sell the gear, invested too much to give it away!! I think you just need to look at yourself and realise we are amateurs, so leave it to the real pros. Lot of people out there kidding themselves, and with more trying to enter the industry, and trying to break into the market, they seem happy to do it for next to nothing. I’m happy doing what I’m doing, and with some Enduro events locked in for the year I might just do that. Might get the bike out myself and have a couple runs!! I won;t do something unless I enjoy it, and I don’t think the kids portraits are my thing.
      Back is good, back out picking avos and should be back playing cricket this weekend!!

  2. Nice Jamie, no waves to blend here! I was out at Bremer Bay over the weekend and gave trying to stitch panos, stupid waves!

    Keep it real, and shoot what you like!

  3. Shit mate your a braver man than me, if Ben see’s this he is going to flip his lid… 😉

  4. Sweet shot mate and sometimes you just need to take a break to refund inspiration!

    You have some talent for sure mate, so just take a chill pill and thing will come together.

    • Yeah cheers Mark, think I’m just going to concentrate on what I know I’m good at…..mowing my lawn!!! LOL. Nah, think I will concentrate on my motorbike stuff, I enjoy it and know I’m good at it!!

  5. Nice pic Jamie. Glad to hear the back is a better today. Mate, you are far to good a photog to walk away from it. Just take some time out & the interest etc will come back. Are you planning on doing Tumblegum or Manjimup 15000 this year ? I am not doing the perthmx photo’s anymore.

    • Cheers for the compliment Gordon. I know I’m good at the mx and enduro stuff, so might just concentrate on that. Don’t think I’ll be on Willie’s xmas list. He spat it with me after he asked if he could use one of my photos on the cover of the DVD, I said he can pay for it, and that was it. I’ve noticed my photos from last year are no longer on the Manji 15000 website, and Linda hasn’t even contacted me in regards to promotional stuff. It seems to me Willie is only interested in using you for free entry to the event……fucking joke if you ask me. He seems happy to use shit photos for free, rather than paying for the quality!!

  6. Hi Jamie,
    I really like this shot it has def got some merit thats for sure and I am sure you will find some inspiration soon I am stearing way clear of motocross this year to much work on and to be honest I’m pretty sure I’m not on Willie’s xmas list either lol.
    Keep it up mate you have got an amazing talent thats for sure and you shine with your Motocross images mate.

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