This One’s for Merv!!

We all know how desperately we’re in need of rain. After speaking with Merv, he said he’s forgotten what green grass looks like, and after his recent posts of dry seeding paddocks and sheep grazing on bare ground, I sort of feel a little guilty of putting up this photo. We have been somewhat lucky in Manjimup, we had a good break, and have had some follow up rain, luckily at the right times! We are way down on average rainfall, but the rain we’ve had, together with the warm weather has made for some great growing conditions. This hay paddock we finished seeding a day before the first rain came, and it hasn’t looked back. I do hope not only for our sake, but for all farmers across the state that we get good consistent rain this season, as it is definitely make or break for some on the land.

Just for the record, we actually had a mild frost, so it was pretty cool, but the days have been sensational. Hope you get t see some green grass up your way soon Merv!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “This One’s for Merv!!”

  1. Good luck to you guys down there mate. If we can jag a front next week that might link up with a bit of tropical stuff we just might see something like this around here in a month or two. We really have nearly forgotten what a scene like this looks like.
    Thanks for the memories.

    From the iPhone

    • Yeah we’ve been lucky this year, but we haven;t had enough to start the runoff yet, it will come though!!
      Looks like we could be getting a bit this week, and supposedly through the wheatbelt too, I hope so, farmers deserve to have some luck too!!

  2. Good luck to you jamie, hope it finishes well.

    That can’t be the same pooch as before can it ?

    • Cheers Hodgy, as long as we get a good finish for the hay paddocks and it doesn’t rain when the hay is on the ground it’ll be all good!! Yeah that’s Mac, they grow up way too quickly!!

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