Chilly Morning

This is another shot from the other morning I did for Merv.

This paddock was seeded just before the first rains this year, and look at it go!! If all goes well we should be strip feeding by the end of the month. I feel guilty in a way, as I know how many other farmers don’t even have a blade of grass on their property. I hope these systems this week will produce some solid rainfall which will spread though the whole farming region. We need La Nina’ to piss right off and give us our winter pattern back!!!

I know it’s not an exciting image, but that green to some people is like gold!!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “Chilly Morning”

  1. Bloody hell that nearly gives me a woody !!! 🙂

    We had 7mm today so we are starting seeding tomorrow. Gee it’s hard to believe we are in the same state at the moment looking at this. With a decent shower or three it will be like this here pretty soon.

    • Gee, didn’t think green grass could get you that excited Merv!!!

      I saw on the Bom site that there was some rain through that way, great to hear. Hopefully you guys get some more this week. Wouldn’t you hate it if it got too wet to seed???

  2. Is it bad that I just want to rip thru that paddock on my motorbike Jamei? LOL

  3. Stop rubbing it in. We had another 15 mm so far today so we just might catch you up.

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