So, I’ve been having a bit of a whinge lately, if you don’t like it, I don’t apologize, because I’m trying to stand up for photographers.

As I’ve whinged about before, I’ve been banned from shooting my hometown motocross event this year, and I’d say in the future, simply because I wouldn’t agree to give the organisers “free” images to use for promotional use, even though I had agreed to it previously.

I’m not going to go on too much about it but I felt rather insulted after the organisers put out a request for flaggies for the weekend. Now if you don’t know what a flaggie is, they are the marshalls that are based on each jump on the track. If a riders falls, they wave yellow flags to notify oncoming traffic of the impending danger. Hell, I even put down my camera equipment last year to help out during the practice on the Friday of last years event. Now being a flaggie to be honest is shit, you get covered in shit and you don’t get to watch the race properly because you have to watch the backside of the jump in case someone falls, but, you can’t have a race without flaggies! Very important!!

Now, the insult to me comes in this form “Desperate for flaggies for Sat and Sunday-Free entry, food and drinks during the day and $50 and the best view of the event”.  Are you for real!!…………Now I’m a farmer (apparently we’re not that bright!!) but say you need 20 flaggies –  $50 fee + $30  free entry + lets say $20 for food and drinks. $100 per flaggie, that equals $2000!! Now a photographer rocks up with 25k worth of gear, spends 3 days there shooting, and is expected to do it for nothing??? Give me a break!!! Now you wonder why I’m having a whinge and feel I’ve been shafted. As well as losing jobs and money with the publications I deal with, you wonder why I’m fucked off!!!

Now this is a public forum, don’t be shy to voice your opinion as I have done, I do it all the time!!! Tell me if I’m a whinger (I expect a couple to!!), I have broad shoulders, I can handle criticism, but I’m just trying to stand up for photographers so they don’t get shafted like I have.

If you want to be a flaggie, you might be lucky enough to get your photo taken!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 31, 2011.

10 Responses to “Insulted!!”

  1. Mate good rant but I am with you 100 per cent. If you cannot support a local person with the ability to take their event to the media on a national level well WTF?
    I personally appreciate the work you do and the images you capture in places we wish you weren’t at the worst of times and if it wasn’t for the dedication of people like yourself these images would never have been captured.
    Mate in situations like this the bar calls and when they are missing the 1 flag spot that requires the racing to begin you have had 1 too many ( you did not hear that from me )

  2. Cheers Nappy. I love doing it, but will not do it for nothing these days. And yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow seeing I live here and can’t shoot at my home event……….oh hang on, I could’ve shot, just had to agree to give them up for nothing!!! It’s not hard to dedicate yourself, especially when it’s an event like Safari. It’s an adrenalin rush, we’re actually racing the riders and the map, trying to finding the course, and not knowing what is going to be there is what draws you to it. You can drive 2 hours to find a spot and it gives you noting……..or it gives you everything!!
    Cheers for the support.

  3. what a crok, My niece photographs motocross and I would not see her giving the stuff up for free and shes only just starting out. Ive photographed the event myself and threes no way they would get anything for nothing from me

    • Well it makes it hard when you have people willing to do it for nothing. Deal or no deal, it’s about not giving up your work for free. I’m just pissed off mainly because I made a stand, and others don’t have the balls to make a stand with me. Shits me to tears!!! Thanks for dropping by too Julie.

  4. That is disgusting I am disappointed for you Jamie I love your work and its worth money. Good on you for venting as I call it people need to know what is going on out there. Every year same thing no one wants to do those jobs nothing has changed. A bit of money your way is nothing that they cant afford. We need the Motorcross its great for local businesses. I hope you get some support on this an they change their minds

    • Thanks for the support Leonie, but it won’t change now. It seems there is a little purple circle that are looking after themselves, which I think was the agenda all along. I won’t be attending the motocross tomorrow, as I won’t support these bunch of clowns that are trying to use the prestige of this event to make money for themselves.

  5. Fair call! They use your images for promotional purposes so that they can make money.
    You should be payed and payed reasonably well. End of story.

  6. its kind of sad although I can understand some people handing over photos to get a foot in the door, you would think if they want the better shots that they would pay for them. I used to give out stuff for nothing but not any more, I do photos for close friends or family for free but that’s all. anyone else can pay nowadays

  7. I hope you are up to date with the new conditions for the Indee 500.
    – no payment
    – you have to pay for accommodation and food
    – 10 prints for every rider
    – $500 for every photo published in a magazine to be paid by you

    how does that sound?
    No, to be honest: thats bullshit what they are doing.
    Did they wanted you to pay entrance fee too?

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