Michael Smith

Went back home to Manjimup on the weekend for the Cherry Festival. Was a good fun day, and it was hot, yes HOT!!!! For those of you who don’t believe me, I can understand that, but it was!!

Now the concert in the Timber Park was great. They had party band One Step Ahead playing all the classics and everyone was getting their groove on.

During the band’s interval, there was a young aboriginal dancer by the name of Michael Smith. He lit up the stage and entertained the crowd with a routine full of strength, grace and poise. I just happened to be armed at the time at the edge of the stage.

All shot with the D3 at ISO 2000 and the 70-200. I’m excited at the thought of a D3s though!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 14, 2009.

12 Responses to “Michael Smith”

  1. I went through Manji on my way home from Pemberton on Sat and yes, it was hot!

    Did you see the big orange Team Carnage buggy in the street parade? I had just shot him for Express.

  2. Yeah I did see the buggy……must’ve crossed paths without knowing it.
    I had a big fail in the cherry pip spitting comp……..went from hero 4 years ago to a big fat zero!!

  3. Mate that D3 is bloody awesome. Thats it I am saving every penny to a D3s. Wont take long, now to find a good recipe for water……….breakfast, boiled, lunch, steamed….

  4. Great pics mate you are doing great I cant wait to get some awesome pics with my new toy heres to hoping they are anything near as good as your hey.

  5. Cheers guys, the D3 is awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on a D3s myself!!

  6. awesome nicco, great job. Hey, do I get a hint of you are really starting to enjoy shooting people. ‘one of your finest photos’, big call for a nature/sports nut. But I agree, some great shots, i hope you shoot more peeps.

  7. Don’t gt me wrong mate, I do enjoy shooting people, when I’m in the mood!! lol.

  8. Sharp as Jamie.

  9. Impressive low light performance from both Nikon and the operator mate!

  10. Cheers Mark and Merv…..gotta get lucky sometimes. The 2nd one was shot at 1/30th!!

  11. great photos jamie!

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