2012 Forest rally

Ben Grabham has won the 2012 Quit Forest Rally Moto aboard his KTM EXC 500 by just under 2 minutes, with seconds separating 2nd placed Robert Pollard and 3rd placed Warren Strange. In unfortunate circumstances, the rally had to be stopped due to a fire which started on a nearby farm. Rally fire safety crews had to be mobilised to help with the fire, therefore leaving the rally with no fire control, and the decision was made to cancel the final 2 stages.
Unfortunately, defending champion Damien Grabham destroyed a rear tyre and crashed on the first stage on Sunday. In an attempt to stay in the race, Grabham removed the tyre and rode on the rim, only to have the rim collapse.
Ben Grabham continued his successful year in WA after winning the first Enduro X event only a few weeks ago, following a dominant 30 minute win at the Gascoyne Dash in Canarvon late last year.
I went and watched the rally as a spectator this year, but managed to fire off a couple of pics. Disappointment on the first stage of the day as the motos were diverted away from the main rally track, which was also the best viewing point on the whole rally, not a lot of thought into that one by the organisers. Then at the Healthway loop, after finding prime position behind the bunnted area, 3 photogs decided to block my view, deliberately mind you…..you don’t reckon I wanted to throw something at them!! Here’s a couple pics of the winner!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on April 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “2012 Forest rally”

  1. Good work Jamie – now you need to come to the remaining 4 rounds of the ARC and snap a few shots of us. We missed the WA round this year – but hope to line up there next year in the new car.

  2. Excellent blog Jamie.

    I wonder if you might have captured any images of the fat pig, Bike # 124 at the Forest Rally.
    I would be keen to see/purchase any that you have.

  3. Great pics as always Jamie.

  4. About time you did a blog post.

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