Tanks – Port Hedland

On our recent trip to Port Hedland, Tegan mentioned that she’d never been to Port Hedland, so thought I’d better take her there for a visit!! On the way in we came across these tanks which everyone has seen, and shot, so thought I’d do the same.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on July 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tanks – Port Hedland”

  1. I quite like the bottom one Janiie.

    The stairs going off into the shadows is quite cool!

    • You’re quick mark, no doubting that!!! That’s what drew me to this tank, the shadows and the stairs still lit by sunlight while the tank is in the shadow!

  2. Hey your posting …… what bought this on. 🙂

    And an altered to start with …. wonders never cease.

    Sorry but you’ll have to do better , this has been done. 🙂
    Just joking, lets hope theres more to come.

    Lets see some Indi action.

    You probably can’t see the fences down there now I suppose. Things are humming along out here as well.

    • Yes, I know, there’s something wrong!!! I might get another one in tomorrow.
      I know this had already been done before, so thought I might as well too…..altered, is that what you call it, I thought it was just a tank!!
      Can’t see the fences from water at the moment!!

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