Winter Rains.

So it’s been wet down south, that’s no secret, but just how wet? I got home to the farm on Wednesday afternoon from a 10 day trip up North, we’d had a couple inches of rain while I’d been away. I’m always keeping an eye on the weather, and dad had told me that it was supposed to rain for the next week. Well it started about 6 pm on Wednesday, and has continued to rain everyday until this arvo, where there has just been a few showers. Up until this afternoon, I’d had 89 mm at my place. There has been water running everywhere. The dams are filling up, the rivers a flowing flat out, and our creek is overflowing so much the spillway can’t handle it. It did create a little photo opportunity with a view that only happens when it’s been raining flat out for days!!! Keep it coming, we need a lot more, and with August traditionally a wet month, we should be right. Throw in the transitional month of September, which is capable of throwing us 100 mm + for the month, and hopefully the season will finish off well for everyone in the agricultural regions.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on July 31, 2011.

8 Responses to “Winter Rains.”

  1. Good to hear and see. It’s turning into a winter like they used to be.

    Had a bit of a look around the area here this arvo and things are humming along. No floods yet put the soil profile is getting full and its starting to run off.

    Those big farm dams down your way should fill if things keep going do you think ??

  2. Well yeah…..climate change???
    On the way home through Miling all the way looks good, and you can tell by how positive people are in Dalwallinu, I know a lot of farmers are still saying it’s too early, which it is, but it’s a great start.
    Our main dam at home which stores 30 million gallons should be full by the end of the week if we get the rain they’re predicting. The back dam which stores about 35 million gallons is at about 80-85%, it should fill if August and September produces average rainfall.

  3. Hi Jamie, good to hear your getting your fair share of rain. Nice set of crisp, clean images as well.

    • Hey Hodgy, yeah we getting our fair share down here, the ground is soaked, just runs straight off. We got rained off at golf today, takes a lot for me not to finish a round!!!
      The old boy is in hospital recovering from his knee replacements, he’ll be onto you once he’s recovered!!

  4. love these shots jamie!

  5. Anything to show from last weeks trip ?????

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