Manjimup 15000 – Juniors

What a day, perfect for racing, spectating and taking photos……almost!! It was an awesome day’s racing, with some of these kids just blowing my mind with their speed and skill.

Apart from the normal stock MX images, I thought I’d look for some interesting opportunities to shoot…and got some.

The forst one is my favourite from the whole day. I was set up on the hill behind the “Clifford’s Leap” jump at the end of the home straight. The race had ended, and I noticed this young girl, who had leant a bit of wood up against the fence and was balancing on it, just so she could get some hand slaps from the riders in the pit return. Her struggles to hang on the fence were rewarded!!

The riders put on a show for the crowd.

The main straight.

As the sign says!!

The young kids had a ball.

One of the many flaggies who volunteer their time to make it safe!!

The traffic up Rock ‘n Roll hill was congested at times!!

The future of the sport….it’s healthy!!

Some bikes had a bad day!!

All in all with no serious injuries, the day went well. The future in MX is looking good, with some awesome young talent on display.

Looking forward to Sunday’s racing.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on June 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Manjimup 15000 – Juniors”

  1. Jamie these are awesome ,I love your action stuff ,these have a great quality and feel,cant wait to see what you have got from the seniors.

    • Cheers Michael. I feel I had a better day on Saturday than Sunday, but I did get the shot’s I needed. Damn sun comes out to ruin the party!! Sorry I didn’t get to say g’day!!

  2. Love the article, love the pics great job Jamie

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